Friday, January 23, 2009


Guess who got into the bathroom cabinet?

We call her the "Red-Footed Bandit."

We're off to Alemania for a week, where I here there is snow! Woohoo!


Jonathan et Kari said...

Or you could call her Super Clean Ears Girl.

Y'all have a great trip! Hug some people for me!

The Beasley's said...

She looks so much like Jesse there! Just prettier. Much, much prettier.

Jenny said...

Looks like Renae is a convicted felon just like Aiden.

kpjordan said...

Oh...LP looks so precious in that 2nd photo. Looks a little sheepish, don't ya think? As Kari said...she's so stinkin' cute!
Thanks for one last post before you left!

P_31Girl said...

He he...I love her expression..."what? it wasn't me!" What a stinker!