Sunday, March 16, 2008

What We Do For Fun Around Here

What DO we do for fun?

We play soccer!!!

We walk. A lot.

Occasionaly we go out to eat. We miss this kind of food.

We take pictures of ourselves in bathroom mirrors.

We go to Target!!


BrunerAbroad said...

::sigh:: Target. Enjoy it while you can. That little red logo will have some much more meaning to you in 6 months...

Jenny said...

I'm so sad cause I miss going to Target with you! I think I just miss living close to you! I need you to come kick my butt and tell me to clean my house and cook dinner. I'm pg not handicapped for goodness sakes. Actually, I think I just need a long talk with you in your living room. :( However, it looks like you guys are having SO much fun. ANd....since when did Renae start loosing the baby look and begin to start looking like a little girl?

Mandy B Stenberg said...

Oh those great days at the farm. Wow. Glad to know you are making friends and having fun!