Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Belated Easter and Other Miscellaneous

Hey everybody! It's me-Renae! I get to write today. Mommy has been slacking at this blogging thing so I'm stepping up and taking charge of todays post. Mommy and Daddy are busy with lots of other things anyways and all I have to do is put things in my mouth and work on eating more so I grow. Other than that, I've got lots of free time. So I decided to be a good family member and write for Mommy. Here is what I have been doing this past week!

My First Easter!

Please . . . no autographs.

No seriously. I'm too busy looking cute to sign your shirt.

I love watching Daddy play sports. He is so good!


BrunerAbroad said...

So cute! I'm super excited that I'll get to meet you guys in person really soon! Yay!

kpjordan said...

Way cute Easter photo! Thanks, Renae for keeping up the blog. Your mommy taught you well. You're a good daughter to step in and pick up the slack. love you, little Peanut.