Saturday, December 1, 2007

We Are Up and Running Again!

I've decided our Internet connection is of the female species. One day it is functioning fine, and the next it's completely unresponsive and I can't get anywhere. Fortunately, our Internet decided to work today so here I am catching up on emails, blogging and facebook. It feels good to reconnect. We had a fun week. Penni was here last weekend and we celebrated her 21st birthday-again. On Tuesday, Jesse received free tickets to an Iowa State basketball game. Then on Wednesday, we baby-sat for a family we are friends with and took their 3 kids plus Renae to Iowa State's beautiful campus. Every year they have things you can do on campus-decorating cookies, making crafts, drinking hot cocoa, sleigh rides, listening to carols, watching the big tree light up . . . I love it. So we braved the cold and bundled up all the kids. I don't really have any pictures of us there so you'll just have to imagine us in the moment. Today I have been cozy here at home because we've had freezing rain and snow all day. Jesse did have to go to work for awhile but because there weren't very many people shopping for cars, they drew straws and sent half the employees home. I was glad Jesse came home to hang out with Renae and I. Well, I'll leave you with a few pictures from our week. Have a great rest of your weekend and keep warm if you are having the same weather we are!

At the game where we enjoyed expensive popcorn and ice cream.

I TOLD you she has big feet!

Out to eat for Penni's birthday. We missed you Kevin!


Jonathan & Kari said...

That top photo is my new favorite of Renae!

Wendi Reger said...

Yes, I agree with Kari. Mine too.