Thursday, December 27, 2007

Roll Over Beethoven!

Renae did end up giving us a Christmas present this year! On Christmas morning, Jesse and I were getting ready while Renae laid on her play mat. She has been able to roll to her side for quite awhile now, but as I was watching her that morning, she looked like she was going to roll even further and as I starred in amazement, she did it! Jesse caught the tail end of it, and saw her roll over later on that day. Tonight she has been rolling over like crazy so I think she has it down. However, I've quickly learned that my life has changed yet again. I was just writing an email while Renae was on her blanket in the living room. I left her in the middle of the blanket. After awhile I heard her fussing and when I went to check on her, she was facing the opposite direction, and was completely off of the blanket. I guess the days of leaving her on the bed and walking away for a few minutes is out of the question now. Wow! We have a somewhat mobile daughter!


Julie Ann said...

Let the games begin!

Tara said...

and so it begins! haha....they grow up way to fast....... :-)