Monday, November 19, 2007

One Fun Weekend . . .

We had quite a busy weekend these past few days! We took part in a party, a murder and an early Thanksgiving Dinner. One of my favorite niece's had a birthday this weekend. She is such a cutie and I think she was way more interested in her toys than her cards . . .

Aunt Julie and one of her favorites

Birthday girl opening up a gift from one of her friends.

Saturday night our Connection Group (plus a few others) got together for a night of mystery. It was a western theme and we all came dressed as our assigned characters. Jesse was a smooth talking owner of a saloon, and I was his wife who loved being the center of attention. We easily played our parts . . so well in fact that we both got voted "Best Performance." Jesse also won the prize for "Best Dressed." I wanted to vote for one of the other girls because her dress was so cool, but decided I would vote for my husband who did look pretty authentic. He ended up winning-probably because he voted for himself. Lame.

Mingling and crime solving.

Don't worry-she didn't smoke it. She just held the prop. Then she promptly went to bed and slept the whole time. Thank goodness because Mom and Dad wanted to have fun!

A wealthy daughter from out east, and a Southern Belle

The Southern Belle and the Poker Champ Victim

Henrietta and Harry High-Stakes

Town Banker and Town Sheriff

The Murderer and the Outlaw

Sunday we had Thanksgiving Dinner for some international students. Our connection group made the food and we enjoyed the meal with new friends from around the world.
My first time making a turkey!

It's done! (an hour early . . .)

The carving man. Who ended up having one of our guests help him because he was struggling to cut the bird. I don't think I would have done much better.

Playing some charades.

A whole new world . . . We were flying so fast on the Aladdin carpet that the camera couldn't even catch us!
P.S Jesse's Chester A. Arthur beard was authentic. That man can grown a beard like no one's business. He just made it look even darker by rubbing in my mascara. :)

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Dan, Britt, Ethan, Kaylin, and Krystin said...

What a FUN weekend! I just love murder mystery parties. You both looked adorable (as always - you 2 babies of the families) ;)
Tell Jesse to quit using MY niece as a cigar warmer...... it's hard on the cigar! ;)