Monday, November 12, 2007

Lesson's From the Mommy Academy . . .

This past spring, I ended a 19 year relationship with public education. It was sad to leave but I was confident that my new position as Mom at the school of Child rearing would be very fulfilling. When I arrived at my new job, I was loaded with all of my supplies-parenting and baby books, my mother's instinct and a heart that was ready to be put to work. However, shortly after arriving I noticed that the administration seemed to be hiding. I was struggling at teaching my seemingly delinquent new student. A few weeks into the job, I also receive a pink slip of sorts and came to work the next day as a student at the newly renamed Mommy Academy. I was at least comforted that my fellow colleagues had also been pink slipped and they were seated in chairs next to me. I noticed that we all had the same kind of look to us. It was as if our facial expressions said, "How in the world do I do this?"

So for the benefit (and humor) of any readers, I've decided I would start taking notes and posting the lessons learned at the Mommy Academy on my blog. I have classes daily and when I have more "aha!" moments or just simply "that's a funny one we'll laugh about in 10 years" I'll be sure to post my findings here. I am in quite along program so I don't believe I will be graduating anytime soon. I'll let you know if I'm receiving a passing grade . . .

Lesson 1: Always keep a diaper on the Baby.
I learned this lesson last week after Renae had a quick bath. I needed to get ready and decided I would let her sit wrapped up in JESSE'S comfy big bath towel while I quickly got ready. I placed the purple burrito on our bed. In the midst of hair scrunching and applying blush, I heard a very unpleasant noise exit the body of Renae. When I went to pick her up, I discovered she had left a very dirty towel (JESSE'S towel) and I was in need of a sheet change.

Lesson 2: Always bring an extra outfit when out and about with Baby.
Two days in a row Renae has decided to have complete blow outs in public. In fact, at the Mexican restaurant, the owners wife thought Renae was just too cute and wanted to hold her and take her around to some of the other workers. We gladly let her and when I went to retrieve Renae, we discovered she had pooped through her pink tights. Eww. I did receive an A+ on this assignment because I had studied the wise counsel of Women of Old. I was prepared with a change of clothes and a fresh diaper. Today I was also prepared when the result of my Mexican food kicked into Renae's system. In fact I was prepared TWICE today. Gross.


Wendi Reger said...

Julie you are already and will continue to be a good mommy. How do I know this? Because I see the love in your eyes when you look at your daughter and speak to her. And if you happen to make a mistake, thank God, children forgive.

Jonathan & Kari said...

Dear Julie,

Great writing, as usual. And I will take careful notes as you keep us posted.

Just do the 'Women of Old' feel about this distinguished title? ;)

kpjordan said...

Julie, you are hilarious! You never fail to entertain us. Love your perspective...and enjoy your writing talent as you share with us. Never forget...God HAS equipped you (and Jesse) for the long task at hand, which really isn't all that long. Remember, we moms all felt the same in the beginning. Your confidence is in God and bringing your child(ren) daily before Him. Love you.